What Dental Veneers Can Do For Your Smile

Dental veneers help solve a variety of cosmetic issues including:

  • Chipped or broken teeth (from an accident or illness)
  • Whiten discolored or badly stained teeth (caused by smoking, drinking dark beverages like tea and coffee, or yellowing with age)
  • Unsightly gaps
  • Malformed teeth

Additionally they also have some restorative benefits.

A wafer-thin, translucent ceramic shell is placed over the tooth and set in place with special glue. Typically made from ceramic, the veneer is mainly used to improve the appearance of frontal teeth. However, dental veneers can also function as a protective outer layer saving you the cost of other expensive restorative or cosmetic dental treatments.

How are porcelain dental veneers fitted?

  • Teeth are pumiced and etched in 20 seconds
  • They are then rinsed and air dried but not desiccated
  • Application of bonding agents takes about 20 seconds
  • The bonding agent is lightly air dried to evaporate the solvent then thinned with a burst of air and cured
  • The veneers are silinated, tried, fitted, and coated with unfilled resin
  • They are then sealed and spot tacked with 2.0 mm light guide
  • A light is waved over the veneers for 1 to 2 seconds
  • The remaining gelled resin is easily removed with a scaler
  • The teeth are then flossed to remove the extra resin
  • The final curing of veneers is done with minimal fishing


2013-10-07_2Watch this video to learn more about dental veneers and how they can enhance your smile.

Dental veneers have become popular because the process of fitting them is fairly painless, precise and comfortable. It can be completed in a couple of visits and the tooth color is individually corrected.

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