BDC Cavity Free Kids Club

Join Our BDC Cavity Free Kids Club

The Brodhagen Dental Care team is happy to announce that we are starting a “Cavity Free Kids Club”. All kids, 13 and under, that are found to cavity free at their dental checkup will get their picture put on our board (with parental permission) and be entered into a draw for exciting prizes! This is our way of encouraging kids to practice good oral hygiene from an early age.

It is disturbing to see a rise of cavities in kids as young as 5 years. Many of them with 5 or more affected teeth. What is the cause? An increased consumption of sugary drinks and foods including sticky candy as well as lack of proper oral hygiene. This is a worrying trend. In our experience, kids who have cavities at a young age are at high risk for continued dental health problems later on.

While we can certainly treat cavities, we believe that educating our patients about how to avoid them is the best way to preserve their teeth. We hope that our Cavity Free Kids Club will encourage our young patients and their parents to pay more attention to their oral health.



To understand and reinforce the importance of being cavity free, watch this video by the American Dental Association with your kids.

At Brodhagen Dental Care, we emphasize prevention and a proactive approach to dental care that includes education about nutrition and oral hygiene. A proper diet, daily brushing and flossing as well as regular dental checkups can both prevent and reverse tooth decay (in its early stages) which is the main cause of cavities. Schedule a dental checkup for your family right away. Our family dentistry offers a full range of the latest treatments to help you and your kids maintain good oral health and a beautiful smile.

Contact Brodhagen Dental Care in Green Bay at 920-499-2121 to learn more about our Cavity Free Kids Club and family dentistry services.

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