George Washington’s Wooden Teeth: The Truth

George Washington’s Tooth History

George Washington was a great man and a hero, known for his impressive physical and mental strength. But he too, like most of us, had a weak spot – for him, it was his teeth. They were so bad that he had become desperate by the age of 25. By that time, he had to get some teeth removed, and others were lost. His teeth hurt, his gums were inflamed, and he couldn’t find the right dentures to fit his mouth, among other dental woes. He paid today’s equivalent of thousands for special toothbrushes, tooth pain medication, scrapers, cleaning solutions and denture files, but nothing helped him.

George Washington’s Wooden Teeth: The Truth

  • One of the longest-standing myths about the great head of state is that his dentures were made of wood. In fact, they only looked like they were, because they had become stained and brownish with time. His teeth were never made of wood!
  • We do know, from a few historical records, that he had dentures made of cow teeth, copper, lead and silver alloy, but not wood.
  • George Washington is far from a role model when it comes to teeth care.

Don’t be like old George! If your teeth have become overly sensitive from grinding, your dentist can recommend a mouth guard for you. There are all kinds in all price ranges, some to use during the day, and some that are to be left in at night as you sleep. Your dentist will be able to recommend the best type for you.

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