Getting Started with ArmourBite

Do you require extra protection for your teeth as you increase your physical activities this spring? Have you considered protection with ArmourBite? This simple, custom-fitted mouthpiece can help keep your teeth safe. It enables more airflow with twice as little stress as any other mouthpieces in its class.

Here are just a few of its many benefits:

  • Studies show that the ArmourBite improves strength by an average of 20 percent with the ArmourBite mouthpiece and 15 percent with the ArmourBite mouthguard.
  • The improved airflow leads to as much as 30 percent less lactic acid build-up in your mouth after half an hour of intense exercise.
  • Athletes say that the ArmourBite speeds up their reaction time – response times to both auditory and visual cues are reduced.
    ArmourBite reduces sports-related stress by decreasing cortisol levels.
  • ArmourBite has an adult and child version. It really helps if you are a tooth grinder. Some people grind their teeth more than others, so if you are among those individuals, this product is perfect for you. You can avoid having eroded enamel and fractured teeth by ensuring you do not grind in your sleep or even while awake.
  • It’s also possible to wear it comfortably while sleeping.

You can push your limits without being afraid of hurting your teeth when you exercise. The extent, to which athletic performance improves, depends on each individual user. The ArmourBite is a great option for strength and / or resistance training because your mouth will be safely protected from any impact.

To learn more about how the ArmourBite mouthpiece works, check out this video.

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