Advantages of Single Crown Impressions

Advantages of Single Crown Impressions for Your Teeth

A severe cavity, a crack or a chip, or teeth grinding, etc, can weaken the structure of your natural teeth over time. Your family dentist will recommend ways to limit the damage or reverse it. However, some damage cannot be reversed or repaired and the tooth may have to be removed. Most dentists will want to preserve the natural tooth system as much as they can, which is why they recommend using single crowns. Your dentist at Brodhagen Dental Care can remove the damaged section of the tooth and place a crown on the remaining tooth root to rebuild its structure.

What are the Benefits of Single Crown Impressions?

  • The crown looks similar to the natural teeth surrounding it so no one would be able to tell the difference. The crowns’ color and texture matches the appearance of your natural teeth.
  • Single crowns are custom-made so they will fit your teeth perfectly and not compromise your bite. You will not have to worry about misalignment or teeth grinding because your dentist will take careful measurements before making the crown for you.
  • Crowns are made from ceramic and reinforced by metal so they will last for decades if you maintain them well. These crowns perform almost as well as natural teeth so you will not have to restrict your diet.
  • Our crowns are manufactured by a certified and experienced dental laboratory and you can trust their quality.

To learn more about single crown impressions, watch this video.

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