Clear Aligner is Faster with CEREC

Most people want perfectly aligned and straight natural teeth. Unfortunately, this is not common and many individuals need orthodontic treatments to improve the appearance of their smile. Modern orthodontic treatments can help ensure that your teeth are perfectly aligned and look wonderful. Dental technology has advanced enough to ensure these procedures are effective and discreet. You can choose clear aligners made with CEREC technology instead of the more visible metal braces.

How does CEREC Help?

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. It is a CAD/CAM technology used to create dental restorations and is often utilized to create dental crowns quickly.

CEREC expanded its product line to work with clear aligners as well. Dentists can now use CEREC technology to take accurate measurements of your natural teeth size, structure, and position. The software will generate 3D images of your teeth to help create clear aligner trays.

  • The CEREC technology ensures that all measurements are accurate and the trays fit perfectly. The software will also ensure that all trays align are designed to align your teeth into the desired position without causing much harm or irritation. Traditional measuring methods take more time and are not as accurate, which is why most dentists today prefer the CEREC technology.
  • Your dentist will create a set of clear trays with the help of this technology. These trays must be applied one after another to force your teeth into a good alignment and position.

CEREC Machinery

Clear Aligner

You can learn more about clear aligners and CEREC by watching this video.

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