5 Tips to Get You Ready for Clear Aligners Treatment

August 3, 2022

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A person holding their Invisalign aligner

Clear Aligners has taken the world of modern dentistry by storm! These awesome aligners have helped countless patients to achieve healthier and more beautiful smiles. And if you’re slated to begin Clear Aligners treatment soon, you’re probably looking forward to joining the club! But you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to prepare yourself for a successful treatment process. Here are five tips from your dentist to help you get ready for your new smile.

Tip #1: Cut Back on Your Snacking

The cardinal rule of Clear Aligners is that you absolutely must wear your aligners for 22 hours every day—the only time they should come out is if you’re eating. This means that constantly snacking and removing your aligners throughout the day will impede your treatment progress! Therefore, it’s best to try to break the habit beforehand; instead, focus on eating three solid and nutritious meals every day and try to fully eliminate snacking.

Tip #2: Begin Brushing After Every Meal

If you’re going to be focusing on eating three meals every day, it’s also important to become accustomed to brushing after every single meal. It’s crucial that your teeth remain clean underneath your aligners while you’re wearing them, as they are still quite vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. Brushing and flossing after eating is a great habit to establish; it’ll pay off during your treatment!

Tip #3: Stock Up on Essential Supplies

Your dentist will be the one providing you with your Clear Aligners trays and their accompanying cases, but there are a few other useful items that you should hunt down. You might consider over-the-counter pain relievers for addressing minor discomfort during treatment (especially when you switch to a new set of trays). Pul Tools and OrthoKeys are also useful and can help those who struggle to remove their aligners.

Tip #4: Prepare a Travel Kit

Having a small, travel-sized dental kit that you can take everywhere with you is also advisable; this can ensure that your treatment is ultimately successful, no matter where you might find yourself! This doesn’t need to be anything fancy or expensive, but at least include a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and anything else essential that you might need when you aren’t at home.

Tip #5: Figure Out the Financials

Think of Clear Aligners as a major investment—you’re paying money now for a better-looking and more functional smile in the future. That said, be sure to figure out the financial implications of receiving treatment before it’s time to pay your bill; that’s one less headache you’ll have to deal with! Many insurance plans offer some coverage for treatment options like Clear Aligners, and some dentists offer additional flexibility when it comes to payment.

It never hurts to be prepared; and knowing exactly what to expect and having your smile ready-to-go will ensure a smooth Clear Aligners treatment process.

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