Why Are Dental Implants So Successful?

September 29, 2022

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Woman smiling with dental implants

When you’re missing teeth, it can be difficult to complete daily tasks, like eating, speaking clearly, and smiling with confidence. Fortunately, dental implants are available to restore the appearance and function of your smile. One of the awesome benefits of this tooth replacement option is the fact that they have a success rate of over 95%! Continue reason to learn some of the reasons why this is the case.

Keeps Your Jawbone Healthy

When you lose teeth, the jawbone is no longer being stimulated by regular chewing, so it will begin to deteriorate over time and cause a variety of issues. This can cause people to have sunken cheeks and wrinkled lips, adding up to 10 years to their appearance. Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option out there that replace the root of the missing teeth, therefore allowing for jawbone stimulation. Ultimately, they prevent bone loss and can restore up to 90% of your chewing power.

Implants Fuse to the Jawbone

After your dental implants are placed, they fuse to the jawbone in a process called, “osseointegration.” This process secures the implant and ultimately makes it a part of your body. This is why it’s so important to allow for the implant to heal properly. You don’t want a dental implant failure on your hands.

Keeps Your Surrounding Teeth Stationary

If you have a gap in your smile due to a missing tooth, your surrounding teeth won’t just stay put. They will attempt to shift around to fill in the extra space they now have. The teeth will move around and can even loosen, leading to additional tooth loss. When you replace the missing tooth with an implant, you are preventing misalignment that will otherwise need to be corrected.

An Experienced Dentist

When you choose an implant dentist with lots of experience with dental implants, this only improves your likelihood of successful dental implants. Implants need to be placed precisely into an area where there is enough bone tissue to support them. This requires careful planning and extensive knowledge so the procedure can be a success. Look into your dentist’s years of experience, additional training, and the types of professional organizations they are a part of.

With so many benefits, like their high success rate, it’s no wonder why so many people opt for dental implants. They may be just the right solution for you!

About the Author

Dr. Mark Brodhagen is an experienced dentist who has been working in the field for nearly 50 years! He earned his dental doctorate from Marquette University in Milwaukee and has undergone advanced training in multiple topics, including dental implants, to expand his skill set. Currently, he is a proud member of the American Dental Association and Wisconsin Dental Association. For more information on dental implants or to schedule an appointment at his office in Green Bay, visit his website or call (920) 499-2121.