CEREC Same-Day Crowns—Ashwaubenon, WI

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Carving out time in your busy schedule for dental work can be hard, especially if you’ve got a family to care for in addition to your career. Using advanced technology like our digital impression system and chairside milling machine, we’re able to streamline the process of receiving a dental crown, reducing the overall time from around two weeks to a single, two-hour appointment. Each of our CEREC crowns is crafted from a solid block of porcelain, allowing you to enjoy natural-looking, durable restorations that will stand the test of time. For questions or to learn more about this process, give our office a call!

Why Choose Brodhagen Dental Care for CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

  • Crowns Crafted from High-Quality Porcelain
  • Contracted with the VA to Serve Veterans
  • Dental Crowns Crafted Within Two Hours

What are CEREC Same-Day Crowns?

a dental assistant installing a block of dental porcelain into a milling machine

“CEREC” stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or a fancy way of saying a restoration crafted in-office. This technology uses multiple components to blueprint, prepare, and custom-craft your dental crown, including CAD/CAM software, a digital impression device, and a milling machine.

Like any traditional crown, a CEREC same-day crown is designed to fit over the biting surface of a tooth, or the part of the tooth that’s visible above the gumline. We typically recommend these restorations for patients who have a large cavity filling, just received root canal therapy, or have a misshapen or otherwise damaged tooth that needs additional support.

The Process of Getting CEREC Same-Day Crowns

a dentist capturing a digital impression

There are a few key steps to the CEREC crown process:

  1. The affected tooth will be prepared by removing a small portion of the dental structure to accommodate for the thickness of the restoration, allowing it to lay flush with surrounding teeth when placed. Any decay or infections will be treated prior to this step.
  2. We’ll utilize an infrared scanner to digitally craft an impression of the prepared tooth. This will only take a moment and allow us to use CAD/CAM software to develop a digital design of your crown.
  3. Once the computer-aided design of your crown is made, we’ll transfer it to our chairside milling machine, which will allow it to carve a block of dental porcelain to match the contours and shape of the design.
  4. After the crown is complete, our team will ensure it’s a perfect fit and adhere it to your tooth to complete the process.

Comparing CEREC & Traditional Dental Crowns

a smiling woman

Many people assume that because CEREC same-day crowns are so convenient, they’d be more costly than traditional crowns. However, that’s not the case. Because we’re able to craft the crown in-office, we eliminate any lab-associated costs from the process as well as the price for placing and creating a temporary dental crown. This makes CEREC crowns comparable in price to a traditional restoration that could take up to two weeks for a laboratory to craft.

So, when it comes to getting the best of the best in both quality and convenience, CEREC same-day crowns may be the perfect choice for you!