Gum Disease Treatment – Ashwaubenon, WI

Stopping the Spread of Gum Disease

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated one out of every two adults in the country is affected by gum disease. Even though this oral health problem is so prevalent, it is preventable, and in its earlier stages, reversible. Our team’s goal is to tackle and treat the symptoms as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage, like tooth loss and gum recession. If you’re experiencing bleeding when brushing and flossing or dental sensitivity, don’t hesitate to visit us for a checkup to make sure your gums are still in good health. If not, we can address the issue with customized gum disease treatment in Ashwaubenon, WI.

Why Choose Brodhagen Dental Care for Gum Disease Treatment?

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Scaling & Root Planing

Animated smile during scaling and root planing gum disease treatment

Scaling and root planing is a two-step process that typically takes place over the course of two appointments. First, our team will remove all plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth and below the gum line. Then, we’ll smooth out the roots of the teeth, removing any rough areas that could foster bacteria accumulation. We typically recommend scaling and root planing alongside antibiotic therapy for the best results.

Antibiotic Therapy

Patient taking an antibiotic therapy pill

In addition to scaling and root planing, we typically suggest antibiotic therapy for patients who are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of gum disease. We’ll prescribe the antibiotic in the form of a pill or mouthwash to target the bacteria that are infecting your oral tissues. We may also schedule a follow-up appointment to make sure that the medication is working as it should to combat your symptoms.