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Our dental team at Brodhagen Dental Care has ample experience helping patients combat the life-altering effects of sleep apnea by providing customized, effective, and comfortable oral appliance therapy. We proudly accept most medical insurance plans and partner with local doctors and hospitals to help patients find the care they need to get the great rest they deserve. If you’ve been experiencing any of the common signs of sleep apnea, don’t hesitate to contact our dental office today for an at-home sleep test and to review your options for sleep apnea treatment in Ashwaubenon, WI.

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Why Choose Brodhagen Dental Care for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

  • At-Home Sleep Test Available
  • In-Network with Several Medical Insurances
  • Expert Sleep Dentist with Years of Experience

Partnered With Ashwaubenon’s Top Sleep Physicians

Patient discussing sleep apnea treatment with her sleep physician

To ensure that patients in our area receive top-notch sleep apnea treatment, we’ve partnered with local physicians and hospitals. With different perspectives from a variety of medical experts, we’re able to offer patients care that’s truly tailored to their unique needs.

At-Home Sleep Testing & Analysis

Man sleeping during at hom sleep testing and analysis

If you’re experiencing any of the telltale signs of sleep apnea, including chronic fatigue, migraines, or waking up choking for air, then we invite you to consider an at-home sleep apnea test. The process is simple—we’ll provide you with a breathing monitor that you will take home and wear as you’re sleeping. It will track your breathing, oxygen levels, and capture a comprehensive picture that we can analyze to assess whether you have sleep apnea and what type it is. From there, we’ll be able to refer you to a sleep physician or pulmonologist for an official diagnosis before returning to our dental office for treatment.

Medical Insurance & Medicare

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We proudly accept many medical insurance plans as well as Medicare to make it easy for patients to receive the life-changing sleep apnea therapy that they deserve. Our team does whatever it can to help people minimize their out-of-pocket costs while making the filing process straightforward and stress-free.

Oral Appliance Therapy

Man and woman sleeping soundly thanks to oral appliance therapy for sleep apnea

Dr. Brodhagen recommends oral appliance therapy as an alternative or addition to CPAP therapy for patients who may not be seeing the results they were hoping for with CPAP therapy by itself. He can craft a customized oral appliance that you wear at night that will gently shift your jaw into its ideal position to open your airway and allow for maximum oxygen flow. When this type of appliance is used by itself or in combination with CPAP therapy, many patients find that they sleep much better and consistently feel well-rested in the morning.

What Does Oral Appliance Therapy Feel Like?

Man sleeping peacefully with help of oral appliance therapy

An oral appliance looks similar to a mouthguard that you would wear for sports. However, because its purpose is to shift the jaw forward, you can expect it to feel quite different. Many patients adjust quickly and do not experience any adverse side effects. However, like any effective medical treatment, oral appliance therapy can cause some discomfort at first for some patients. The most common side effects include:

Joint Discomfort

The TMJ, the joint that connects your lower jaw to the rest of your skull, is accustomed to resting in a certain position. An oral appliance will change its position and may lead to a bit of soreness. Over the counter pain relievers, along with jaw exercises and stretches, can help you to deal with this issue. For most patients, this type of discomfort fades after they adjust to using their appliance.

Irritation in the Mouth

We carefully design oral appliances to be as comfortable as possible. However, some patients notice that the soft tissues in their mouth, such as their tongue or cheeks, are irritated by their sleep device. If that happens to you, do not quickly give up on your treatment. Instead, give us a call. We might be able to adjust your appliance so it is more comfortable. You could also try putting a little dental wax on the portions of the appliance that are causing pain.

Tooth Movements

Your oral appliance may put some pressure on your teeth, causing them to move. This may happen after several months or years of consistent use. For most patients, the movements are so small that they are unnoticeable and do not cause any threat to their oral health. However, it’s important to keep an eye on your teeth, and our team is here to help you do that. If we see that your appliance may be negatively affecting your dental well-being, we will take action right away to address the problem.

Breakage and Allergies

Oral appliances are durable, but an accident or long-term wear may cause them to break. Additionally, while they are made out of materials that most people tolerate well, allergic reactions can happen. If you experience either of these issues, stop using your appliance and call us right away.

Overall, most patients find that their oral appliance sleep apnea therapy is easier to tolerate than a CPAP. The best way to find out how the treatment will feel for you is to give it a try!